About the Designer

I was raised in Bellwood, Pennsylvania.  A small rural town located in Central Pennsylvania.  I grew up surrounded by the beauty and mystery of the Appalachian Mountains.  The mountains presented beauty and magic in its ever changing foliage and wildlife with every season, as well as the mystery of the unexplored regions that left a small boy with many imagined stories of adventure.

My passion for scents and perfumes began around the age of 11.  My grandmother always wore Chanel #5.  I became inquisitive of the scent and would nag her with questions about the scent, the designer, and how it became to be.  My grandmother would regale stories of Coco Chanel.  She explained how Coco was uneducated, untrained, and raised in an orphanage and yet she created an empire of fashion and perfume.  The more I learned about Coco Chanel, the more I became intrigued and admired her. I was also influenced by her timeless fashion designs and jewelry.

Chanel #5, to me, represented a love story between King Jasmine & Queen Rose – they meet center stage where they dance, they flirt,and entice each other.  It is an abstract and elusive scent that brings you back with the hope of solving the mystery.  Chanel once stated “Perfume is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion . . .  that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure.”  I wanted to be included in that world of creating lasting and lingering memories.  Chanel #5 had set the standard by which everything else is measured.

My grandmother purchased my first scent for me, Chanel Antaeus.  The scent was named after a Greek God whose strength was connected to Earth.  He was defeated by Heracles when he discovered Antaeus weakness of keeping him separated from Earth by lifting him off the ground.  The scent embodied who Antaeus was – lean and powerful.

I studied fashion at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  My studies included a course on perfume making. Upon graduating from the Art Institute I went on to study at Point Park University School of Business Accounting & Computer Sciences.  I was attracted to Point Park University because it houses one of the most prestigious conservatory school in the United States.  The dance program founder and Professor Emeritus is none other than Nickolas Petrov, the internationally acclaimed dancer, choreographer and artistic director.

My scent creations are heavily influenced by my love of latte and the movie Suspiria.  The Suspiria trilogy was the influence for Immortal Meadow, Black Magic, and Wish Upon a Star.  They share thematic similarities in the grass and berry notes.  Expresso Royale was obviously influenced for my love of latte with the sweet addition of hazelnut and/or caramel.

American Perfumery

To be a part of the world of indie scents to me is the opportunity to share memories and experiences.  A writer can create a story with a pen, an artist can create a vision with paints and canvass, and a musician can express with instruments.  I choose the world of scent to create a bond with others through the world of memories, dreams, and aspirations through smell. The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses.  A particular scent can recall a long-forgotten event or experience, often spontaneously. Smell is also very emotive.  A scent can inspire various emotions from attraction to aspirations.  The slightest scent can create a conversation with others, and a bond in sharing memories.  It is an honor to be a part of that.

Favorite Perfume Artist

My favorite Indie Perfume Artist is Nikolay Eremin of St. Petersburg, Russia.  I am a huge fan of his scents, creativity, and his unique artistic view.  He is a mentor as well as a friend.  He provides me with encouragement with a dose of reality, and inspiration to always strive to do better and to be a better version of who I am.